OK LA Weekend // Apr 20 - 22

It's 4/20 Friday, but isn't that always the case in LA? Isn't that why this place is OK? Dates are constructs; let's blaze.

Saturday: Record Store Day

Neil Young liked to say that listening to digital music was like "taking a shower of ice cubes" and we tend to agree. Remember, your brain has to do work to take the jagged edges off digital music, so why not hit off your leftover joint from the day before and let those smooth analog waves safely serenade you. This is gonna happen all over the city, but Amoeba and Permanent Records (w/Peach Kelli Pop's EP release/in-store) might be good places to start. Harpist Mary Lattimore -- cool girl around town and collaborator of Kurt Vile and many other -- spins at 11am. Stick around to see Peach Kelli Pop. You will smile and dance and wonder why everything isn't as great as they are. Buy their record so they can make more records. 



Saturday : Collection LA's Gear Up for Denim Day Event

Denim Day is next Wednesday (read our full coverage here) and our friends at Collection LA are having an event where you can get the perfect pair of vintage denim. LA IS OK will be there as well with our bull denim bags (some might call them totes). 20% of proceeds to Peace Over Violence, who organize the day. Also, from Saturday until the end of Denim Day, all of our online bag sales get the same treatment.

Cooper Design Space, DTLA, 860 S. Los Angeles St, Suite 912, Saturday, 11-5



Thursday : Mobilizing at the Margins : Mark Bradford, Social Change, and Filmmakers as Messengers.

Yes, we're considering Thursday part of the weekend. We might even throw in Monday if you get to the end of this list. This event will screen a 10 minute documentary by Heather Fipps, an LA-based filmmaker, which follows Bradford as he prepares for the US pavilion, as well as his groundbreaking work with Rio Terà dei Pensieri, an Italian nonprofit that supports skill-based training and reintegration for inmates of Venice prisons. Mark Bradford's solo show, New Works, runs until May 20. It's his first hometown show in 15 years. Obviously, check that out too.

Hauser & Wirth, 901 East 3rd Street, Thursday, 7:30-9:30, Free, but reserve your spot.


Saturday & Sunday : Renegade Craft Fair

This is the 9th year Renegade drops by Los Angeles and we're still not sick of it. Tons of hand made stuff. DJs. Food trucks. Cocktails. What more do you want? An invitation? Seriously, go here and scroll past all the vendors. If you don't see a needful thing, we give up. Don't make us give up. We've only just begun.

Los Angeles State Historic Park, 1245 N. Spring St, Saturday and Sunday, 11-6pm, Free! Read more.


She Chimps 420 Paper Signs // Northern Organics Anniversary Party

This. Will. Be. Fun. OK, check out #shechimp for a second and then go to this thing. You can get a custom sign. You will not regret it. You will put it on your wall and then every time you walk past it you'll think to yourself, "I'm so fucking glad I went to Virgil Normal and got that sign and ate some pie from Northern Organics; that cool weed delivery service that loves that outdoor shit. I make good decisions and that sign is so cool." Yes, you think with semicolons.

Virgil Normal. 4157 Normal Ave., Friday, 4-7pm. Free.


Have a cool event next week? We love under the radar stuff, so email us. xo.